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Loyal members will spread the word! Our Refer-A-Friend program allows loyalty members to refer friends and get rewarded! Members share your business via emails that invite friends to join. Members will get rewarded when a new referred member makes their 1st purchase.

Give your customers rewards for referring their friends via email, updates to your member site, mobile app and a link to share on social media. Referred members are tracked in our system from their 1st purchase and rewards are then sent according to your specifications. It’s that simple!


Maximize member data & accelerate customer engagement.

Free Email Templates

Instantly send Refer-A-Friend emails to your customers with a selection of beautifully designed email templates, all at the click of a button.

Shareable Links

Let your brand ambassadors expand your reach for you by giving them the ability to share their Refer-A-Friend options to their social circles.

Signup Tracking

Get insights from your Refer-A-Friend audience about referral’s actions and sponsors through your merchant or member sites.


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