Reward the regulars, get results.

Reward Programs are proven to increase customer engagement and brand recognition. Our brandable loyalty software gives you full access to a customizable suite of features to build your customer loyalty program.

We know not all restaurants are the same, and our loyalty programs can be custom tailored to fit your specific needs. Remarket to your regulars, gain insight on customer behavior, and send push notifications through our Merchant Services Portal.


Simple setup, powerful returns.

It seems every restaurant nowadays has a loyalty program. We aim to be the easiest. Name your program, outline the rules, note how you want to communicate to your customers, and you’re all set.

You’ll then be able to promote franchise-wide specials through push notifications, post images of new foods and drinks, drive business to specific restaurants on a rainy day, and much more. All these functions and features are at your fingertips through our Merchant Services Portal.



Lowest Pricing. Period.



Jump to the front of your customer’s attention with menu items and specials right on their phones.


Automatically send alerts to a user’s phone when they’re near your restaurant to get a quick snack at a discount!


Offer your loyalty subscribers unique access to promotions for an incentive-based loyalty boost.


Let your audience quickly and easily sign up for your loyalty programs directly from their phone.


Keep your business top of mind with giveaways, sweepstakes, and other gamified marketing opportunities


Use our app directly out of the box or customize your app with your own brand’s image.


No-Cost Sign Up

A no cost process makes sign up a breeze. Integrations with POS systems or in-restaurant tablets/kiosks mean simple and seamless startup.

Personalized Communications

Give your customers the benefit of personalized marketing–send them offers that pertain to them, reward them for their purchases, and craft offers sure to entice repeat business.

Custom Reward

Rewards custom crafted with your community in mind. Want to reward them on visits instead of dollars spent, we can do that. Want to create something totally new? We can do that too!

Anniversary & Events

Reward your members on their special days with automated offers. We can send rewards on birthday, enrollment anniversary, first purchase day, and more.


Every birthday celebrated as a member will earn a special birthday offer to be redeemed in-restaurant during the month of the members’ birthday.

Member-Only Specials

Rewards members receive special promotions and rewards – just for being a member of RepeatRewards!


Higher profits from companies who concentrate on customer experience/loyalty.

Loyalty members spend 2x as much as non-loyalty members

Loyalty members visit 4x as often as non-loyalty members


of buyers are more likely to choose a brand over the competition if they are in that brand's loyalty programs


Why is Customer Loyalty important?

Capturing the attention of a new customer is often a significant investment in time, capital, and labor. Don’t overlook the value in keeping your customers coming back. Whether it’s discounts to reward paying customers, BOGO offers for buying specialty items, or giving a gift on their birthdays or anniversaries, we can help design offers, promotions, and collateral to turn your first timers into regulars.

What does the program cost?

Our loyalty program prices run on a per month, per location basis while customers who pay annually can receive a discount on the program. We have varying price points designed to give you the value to match your business, enabling you to expand your offerings as your business grows.

What makes Repeat Rewards different?

Our clients and their future rewards members come first. When we develop our loyalty programs, we work together with you – the industry expert – while drawing on over 35 years of experience in supporting small businesses. We’ll ensure that the programs, services, and offers suit your industry, your brand, and your customers. Repeat Rewards’ sister company, Prophase Marketing, offers a one-stop-shop for all of your digital and printed advertising & marketing needs.

What is the ROI?

Loyalty programs are a true win-win scenario. Your customers win through your generous offers, personalized communication, and loyalty rewards. Your business wins with customer retention and remarketing opportunities. Gain deep insights into your customer’s behavior, personalize your marketing collateral, and add a new channel for you to market your business—directly to your customer’s inbox or mailbox!

Does my new loyalty program work with my POS?

Our loyalty program has an interface with many of the widely used industry POSs out there. In the event that we don’t—we have the options! We can equip you with tablets that can serve as your Repeat Rewards console or we can set you up with the Repeat Rewards App on your POS workstations.

Will I have to get a new website?

Only if you want to! Our partners at Prophase Marketing can create a whole new website for you, or they can simply create new pages to help your rewards member engage with your website. There are many web services we can provide with them, so if you’d like to learn more head over to their website and look at what they could do for your site!


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