Reward your community.

Customer Loyalty is so important for essential services like Pharmacies—make yours stand out from the crowd by rewarding customers for trusting you with their medications.

Remarket and expand the retail side of your business with consumer analytics. Go above and beyond in rewarding your customers by including their scripts in their program – allow them to reap the rewards on the medications in addition to their retail purchases.


Simple setup, powerful returns.

Designing a loyalty program for your pharmacy is simpler than any other document in the healthcare system, we promise. Simply name your program, outline the rules, note how you want to communicate to your customers, and you’re all set.

We’ll set up a meeting to go over everything, then you’ll then be able to use push notifications to support your customers, reward them for their loyalty, and much more. All these functions and features are at your fingertips through our Merchant Services Portal.



Easy setup, easy login, easy to use.



Jump to the front of your customer’s attention with prompts directly to their phones.


Automatically send alerts to a user’s phone when they’re in the area for easy access to nearby sales.


Offer your loyalty subscribers unique access to promotions for an incentive-based loyalty boost.


Let your audience quickly and easily sign up for your loyalty programs directly from their phone.


Keep your business top of mind with giveaways, sweepstakes, and other gamified marketing opportunities


Use our app directly out of the box or customize your app with your own brand’s image.


Sign Up

A no cost sign up process makes sign up a breeze. Integrations with POS systems or in-store tablets/kiosks mean unrivaled simplicity!

Automated Communications

Request feedback through a survey, provide an offer personalized for your customers, send a thank you after a purchase — automate your communication & your rewards for a hands-free experience.

Custom Reward

Configure your rewards for your customers. Want to reward them on visits instead of dollars spent, we can do that. Want to create something totally new? We can do that too!

Unique Events

Reward your members on specific days with automated offers. We can send rewards on birthday, enrollment anniversary, first purchase day, and more.

Member-Only Specials

Rewards members receive special promotions and rewards – just for being a member of RepeatRewards!

+ More

Your benefits can look however you want them to. Talk with our specialists to get some more ideas on how to best serve your customers.


of companies say their loyalty program is the best way to connect with customers

Number of customers using RepeatRewards nation wide


of buyers are more likely to choose a brand over the competition if they are in that brand's loyalty programs


Why is Customer Loyalty important?

It is 6-7x more expensive to win a new customer than it is to retain an old one. Invest in your customers, and they will pay you back. On average, the top 20% of a company’s loyal customers account for up to 80% of some business’ revenue. 

What does the program cost?

Our loyalty program prices run on a per month, per location basis while customers who pay annually can receive a discount on the program. We have varying price points designed to give you the value to match your business, enabling you to expand your offerings as your business grows.

What makes Repeat Rewards different?

Our clients and their future rewards members come first. When we develop our loyalty programs, we work together with you – the industry expert – while drawing on over 35 years of experience in supporting small businesses. We’ll ensure that the programs, services, and offers suit your industry, your brand, and your customers. Repeat Rewards’ sister company, Prophase Marketing, offers a one-stop shop for all of your digital and printed advertising & marketing needs.

What is the ROI?

Loyalty programs are a true win-win scenario. Your customers win through your generous offers, personalized communication, and loyalty rewards. Your business wins with customer retention and remarketing opportunities. Gain deep insights into your customer’s behavior, personalize your marketing collateral, and add a new channel for you to market your business—directly to your customer’s inbox or mailbox!

Does my new loyalty program work with my POS?

Our loyalty program has an interface with many of the widely used industry POSs out there. In the event that we don’t—we have the options! We can equip you with tablets that can serve as your Repeat Rewards console or we can set you up with the Repeat Rewards App on your POS workstations.

Will I have to get a new website?

Only if you want to! Our partners at Prophase Marketing can create a whole new website for you, or they can simply create new pages to help your rewards member engage with your website. There are many web services we can provide with them, so if you’d like to learn more head over to their website and look at what they could do for your site!

Mobile coupons get TEN times the redemption rate of traditional coupons.


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